My Art is in a New Book!

The book is My Darlin' Quarantine: Intimate Connections Created in Chaos, written by Elizabeth Stewart, Ph.D. You may remember I worked with Elizabeth on her previous book No Thanks Mom a few years ago.


This book is "a collection of short comedies that describe the humorous ways in which five small groups of average people deal with an absurd situation: quarantine with strangers."


"My Darlin' Quarantine takes the reader on a journey into the surreal world of our present crisis set in the future in the unlikeliest of places, where creativity is channeled into personal growth through the companionship of earnest, annoying, funny, all-too-human strangers."

Read more about it and buy it on Amazon hereI am so grateful for this opportunity that realllllly stretched me in new ways and I'm very proud of the 20 illustrations that made it into this book. Can't wait to get my copy!

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