"No Thanks Mom" Event

Elizabeth Stewart discusses the top 10 objects that younger generations do not want as “gifts” from the homes of their parents and grandparents and what to do with them. If you haven't heard her talks before, you must go! She is infinitely charming and funny with a wealth of information to share. I'm going, hope to see you there, too!


Here are a few of my illustrations in the book. You can see more illustrations here.


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Details of the Event:


Wed., Feb. 7, 2018

11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Santa Barbara Historical Museum
136 E. De La Guerra St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Free entry for members / $5 Guests
Reservation Required: (805) 966-1601
No Thanks Mom: The Top Ten Objects Your Kids Do NOT Want (and what to do with them) is an honest and humorous exploration of the generational differences in the households and possessions of Millennials/Gen-Xers and their Boomer parents. The central conflict is that most of the Boomers’ grown kids are refusing the family heirlooms that have been saved for them.

Dr. Stewart, a certified appraiser (and SBHM docent!) discusses the top 10 objects that younger generations do not want as “gifts” from the homes of their parents and grandparents. She finds a consistent pattern of familial tensions over objects that older relatives have saved for the kids, wishing and hoping to pass on the beloved family treasures. If you’ve tried to pass on fine china, tableware, linens, fine porcelain figurines, silver-plated objects, ornate rugs, or heavy, dark furniture to a Millennial, you know it’s not so easy.

The problem, Dr. Stewart says, is the intergenerational difference in the concept of value and ownership. The answer, she explains, is to understand the new and changing concept of home, and to follow her specific remedies for each category of objects.

Stewart reviews each of the 10 object groups and gives the current owners ideas on how to pass them on. She provides an easy way to survey your belongings and offers advice on how to verify value and, where there is a market, how to put your items in play.

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